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Mindfulness Moments

During Children's Mental Health Week 2021, why not try one of these Mindfulness Moments, created by our Ambassadors and other children in school.

Drawing Mindfulness Moment

Sounds in the Room Mindfulness Moment

Blowing Away Unkindness Mindfulness Moment

If you don't have bubbles, you can still imagine blowing them. Have you ever tried using just your fingers and a bit of shampoo or soap to blow bubbles? It does work but it takes patience!

Teddy Mindfulness Moment

Lindy - our Counsellor - talks through the first of our Mindfulness Moments that you can try at home. I wonder which teddy you will choose...?

More Mindfulness Moments to come... if you would like to share one that works for you, please let Lindy or Mrs Pearson know smiley