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DT - food and nutrition

Lesson 1. What's in a packed lunch? (


In this lesson, you will explore what makes a healthy lunch, what kinds of ingredients could be used and why they may have been chosen. You will also look at a lunchbox and consider where the ingredients have come from.


Lesson 2Using research to develop design criteria (


In this lesson, you will gather information, considering the needs of our user. You will use this information to create our own design criteria.


Lesson 3. Designing for a target market (


In this lesson, you will design your own healthy lunch, describing ingredients used, using the correct vocabulary and making sure that it is suitable for your target market. 


Lesson 4. Developing design ideas (


In this lesson, you will develop your ideas further, considering tools and equipment that you have to make your healthy lunch. You will also order the main stages of making to help you plan for when you make your own healthy lunch.


Lesson 5.  Using ingredients to create your ideas (


In this lesson, you will make your own healthy lunch. You will make sure that you are working safely and hygienically using a range of ingredients. 


Lesson 6Evaluating your product (


In this lesson, you will be evaluating and testing your healthy lunch against our design criteria. This will help you to decide how well you have met our brief. You will also gather the opinions of others to help develop your work further.


Lesson 7Exploring food and where it comes from (


In this lesson, you will explore where food comes from, and consider what a healthy diet looks like. You will also explore being active and healthy and what kinds of foods and drinks are needed to provide energy for our bodies.


Lesson 8. Using evaluation to develop ideas further (


In this lesson, you will use the evaluation and feedback from others and understanding of the eatwell guide to make another healthy lunch using a variety of equipment and ingredients.


Lesson 9Delicious dips (


In this lesson, you will use a variety of ingredients to make a healthy dip for vegetables.


Lesson 10Marvellous oat bars (


In this lesson, you will use a variety of ingredients to make a healthy oat bar. You will make sure you are working safely and hygienically whilst doing this.