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Active English

Grammar and Punctuation

The teaching of grammar and punctuation is immersed within each year group’s teaching sequence. This is done so by following the National Curriculum punctuation and grammar objectives sequentially throughout school. Punctuation and grammar is mapped and progressive to fit the genre being taught and text choice. Chances to consolidate happens throughout each unit of work.


We use the principles of ‘Active English’ as a driver for grammar and punctuation around school. The consistency of this approach allows all children to know the structure of teaching which allows increased focus on the learning of different components. Active English is broken down into three parts:


Recall and Learn – flash cards to recap different elements of punctuation and grammar, Quick fire – retrieval.

Read and Respond – use of model text to teach focus skill (with links to writing where possible).

Create and Reflect – application of focus skill into the construction of a sentence.


The teaching of ‘Active English’ allows children to apply the technical skills of writing effectively within their own work. This is taught consistently across school to ensure children understand and carry knowledge forward as they progress through each year group.