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Cotmanhay Junior School

Safe, Happy Learning

Life skills

Eat well, Live well


Click the website link below to access the online classroom with the Oak Academy. This is free and will provide you and your child with clear explanations using an online teacher. There are 6 lessons focusing on healthy eating, exercise and how to keep active. If possible, watch as a family and discuss together how you can eat healthy meals throughout the week and plan time for exercise.

Keeping safe at home


In the lesson below your child will be looking at how to keep themselves safe on bonfire night. They will be drawing on prior knowledge of Guy Fawkes and will listen to a story about where bonfire night originated from. They will then listen to a firefighter to obtain real advice about disposing of sparklers and what to do if they are hit by a firework. Finally, they will then raise awareness to others by creating a firework safety poster.


In the lesson below you child will be look at some common road signs and will learn how to keep safe whilst out on a bike. They will become familiar with the car seat law and create a fact sheet on what they have learnt.


In the lesson below your child will learn how to reduce the risk of fires in their homes by identifying hazards and rectifying them. They will know the importance of smoke detectors and listen to a firefighter's safety advice. They will then create their own evacuation plan for their house.