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Religious Education



R.E. lessons at Cotmanhay Junior School involve learning about our multi-ethic and multi-faith society.  Children are encouraged to ask questions to deepen their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 


Pupils investigate the following religions:

Year 3 – Christianity and Hinduism

Year 4 – Christianity and Buddhism

Year 5 – Christianity and Sikhism

Year 5 – Christianity and Islam


Children are also exposed to non-religious world views, which includes Humanism.


R.E. involves exploring different world religions and the reasons why people believe.  Our children investigate the above religions through key questions from the Discovery R.E. scheme.  Pupils are encouraged to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways including role-play, art and drama.  Furthermore, children are challenged through a variety of activities to explain their thoughts, views and ideas about what they have been learning, in order to build on and apply their knowledge.  Children also complete a piece of cross-curricular writing each half term, using the Talk 4 Writing techniques that they learned during their English lessons.


Through our R.E. curriculum, children discover what different religions teach about the natural world and why we should look after our planet.  Pupils investigate and explore similarities and difference between religions and cultures to enable them to cultivate mutual respect. 


The Messengers (a local church group) have performed a number of Christian stories in assemblies, which the pupils enjoy.  Since Covid these assemblies have been suspended, but will continue again once we are able to collectively meet.