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Reading Avengers

Our Reading Avengers scheme is designed to inspire and challenge high ability readers in each year group. Pupils chosen attend the Reading Avengers after school club where they are given a book list and fun activities...


Reading Avengers club activities

  • Silent reading
  • Listen to teacher read next chapter
  • Paired reading
  • Buddy reading with another year group
  • Discuss story so far
  • Complete book reviews
  • Type up book reviews for the school website
  • Watch the film  version with popcorn and juice
  • Compare book to the film
  • Create a display in the school
  • Record book reviews for the school You Tube channel
  • Tidy the library
  • Create posters for the library
  • Research authors using ipads/laptops
  • Look at Waterstones catalogue online
  • Order books for the school
  • Guided reading higher order questions
  • New vocabulary word bank / vocabulary display / posters
  • Make a Kahoot quiz about the book and play together
  • Plan an assembly to the school
Parents attended the first Reading Avengers club of the year where the books were on display and pupils began by reading chapter one.