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How to encourage good attendance

How can parents/carers encourage good attendance?

Regular attendance requires parents and carers, children and school staff to work together. Staying connected with the school means parents and carers can quickly identify any potential difficulties their child may be facing and understand the support available. Families can take various steps to support school attendance, including:

  • Expect your child to go to school every day and ensure that your child knows this
  • Creating opportunities for children to talk about their time at school
  • Staying up to date with all communications from school
  • Attending school open evenings and functions
  • Avoiding school absences where possible – for example, by arranging GP and dental appointments outside of school hours
  • Building consistent bedtime routines – sleeping well, for the right length of time, helps improve energy levels, mood and concentration
  • Establishing good morning routines at home to help children arrive at school on time, having had a good breakfast and ready to start the day
  • Staying alert to signs of distress or challenging behaviours in response to going to school, and reaching out for help as soon as possible if there are any concerns
  • Approach the school sooner rather than later, if you have issues with attendance
  • If your child’s attendance could be attributed to emotional wellbeing, please contact the SENCo through the school office so we can identify appropriate support.