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Curriculum - Maths

At Cotmanhay Junior School we firmly believe that all of our pupils can be masters in mathematics and great problem solvers! We want our pupils to leave us with skills that will support them on a daily basis in real life. This requires the different areas of maths to be taught slowly, carefully and in detail, allowing all pupils to succeed whilst some children are supported through extra challenges to achieve a deeper level of understanding. This develops resilience and determination to do well.


We have adopted the successful Maths No problem scheme of work which has a focus on learning through the ‘concrete – pictorial – abstract’ system. All children should be efficient in using concrete materials before they draw their own images and pictures to support their learning.


This example shows concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of fractions.


Picture 1

Once these two areas are firmly understood children can tackle work with more confidence and without practical support.

Maths No Problem uses a series of textbooks and workbooks, and develops good social and communication skills through in depth class discussion and paired work. All lessons start with an ‘In Focus’ task, a problem to solve in different ways, with children communicating their ideas, methods and solutions.

Picture 1

Pairs then work on guided practice:

Picture 1

During this session, adults are making informal assessments before pupils work independently on their workbook.

Deeper understanding is achieved through challenges taken from recommended sources such as White Rose and the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics as well as the Mathsteasers range from Maths No Problem.  

Picture 1

Multiplication Tables


We are continually striving to improve mental fluency and in particular multiplication tables. Learning through games is fun and successful whether the games are practical or online.

Year 4 will be participating in the government’s Multiplication Tables Check in 2020 – an online assessment of 25 mixed times tables questions which are answered in six seconds. Pupils are expected to score 25 out of 25 to meet the expected standard.

The links below will help pupils improve their accuracy and speed and are similar to the format of the MTC.


Other useful links:


Please let school know if you find another interactive game that your child enjoys!