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Coding with Scratch

Use this link to the Scratch website to learn coding and create your own games!

Scratch website



Watch the video below to find out what a spreadsheet does.


Can you create your own spreadsheet either on a computer using Excel or draw on a piece of paper? You could create a spreadsheet for the shopping list with your family. Use the shopping receipt to write down the items you bought, how many of each item and what price you paid. How much did you spend at the shops altogether?

Web page creation


Click the website link below to access the online classroom with the Oak Academy. This is free and will provide you and your child with clear explanations using an online teacher. There are 6 lessons to complete. Pupils will:


  • explore and review existing websites and evaluate their content.
  • have some understanding that websites are created using HTML code.
  • look at the different layout features available in Google Sites and plan their own web page on paper.
  • become familiar with the terms ‘fair use’ and ‘copyright’. They will gain an understanding of why they should only use copyright-free images and will find appropriate images to use in their work from suggested sources.
  • begin to appreciate the need to plan the structure of a website carefully.