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Talk for Writing


Over the past year we have been writing in a new way, the Talk for Writing way!! This is a tried and tested process where pupils learn through a variety of skills about language and the written word. Through actions and games, stories and non-fiction texts are learned orally. Over a three week period, language confidence is built and pupils learn to look at writing as a reader and the impact it has as well as how, as a writer, you would achieve such an impact. They work together as a class to create a new version of the texts they have been learning and then write their own once they have experienced the whole process. Below are examples of work that are up in the classrooms to support pupils over the journey of each text type.

                                                                                  The Talk for Writing process 

                                                                              An example of a Year 4 story map 

                                                 Instruction writing - How to train a dragon 

              An example of the tools writers use when writing                                                             Year 4 toolkit

          for each piece of writing a selection of tools are picked 

                                      and worked on 

             Vocabulary ideas to support pupils with their writing                                           A model text that has been annotated showing the 

                                                                                                                                              techniques/tools the writer has used 

To make writing stories easier, each text is broken down into manageable paragraphs on a theme, this is then used to help the children plan their own. 

Pupils have commented that they are more confident in how to write as well as being proud of their work and keen to share what they have done with others in the school and people at home. We have had a great first year with Talk for Writing, now pupils have had a go, this year their writing is set to soar!

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Our No Nonsense Spelling scheme is designed to encourage pupils to be active in their learning of spellings. We teach them real world techniques in how to work out the correct spellings of words they are unsure of e.g. having three attempts at spelling a word, then looking to see which one looks correct. Pupils are taught a multitude of ways to work with words as well as being taught specific rules and patterns.


Drawing pictures around words to help with understanding

Writing them out in a pyramid

As well as drawing around the shape of the word to help with remembering which letters it consists of

Pupils work with spellings in school on a daily basis as we know this is something they can really struggle with. They are also provided with a journal to take home and work on activities and words they have been using in class. This combined effort of regularly working with, looking at and talking about words will help to boost their confidence and ability to spell.




Handwriting is a vital part of writing and something that needs to be worked on from an early age. At Cotmanhay Junior School we want our pupils to be proud of their work and for many, their handwriting can be a stumbling block. We follow the Nelson scheme for handwriting, which allows pupils short bursts of working on specific letter joins and is built on over the year.