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We provide a creative, social and enjoyable approach to Modern Foreign Languages (MFL). Our main language focus is French, although other languages are explored during our annual Languages Week.


Throughout their French journey, the children will build a knowledge of key vocabulary, which prepares them effectively for French at secondary school. Children will create a scrapbook over the four years to record and celebrate the learning they have completed through lessons filled with conversation, games and activities, sometimes supported by the Salut! program.


We are also proud to host ‘French Friday’ across the school, every week. Each class answers the register in French, receives class instructions in French and a new phrase or word is discussed.




Click below to view our yearly French topics across the school.

Click below to see how our French skills progress across Key Stage 2.

In every subject, in every lesson, vocabulary is prioritised and explicitly taught. Click below to see how our French vocabulary progresses across Key Stage 2.