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Year 5

Music Partnerships


The National Plan for Music Education and the Model Music Curriculum both state that children should learn to play an instrument as part of a whole-class instrumental programme supported by teachers from their local Music Education Hub. Year 5 pupils are learning to play the ukulele. 


There are many positive benefits to learning an instrument in school. These include:


  • Self-confidence | Pupils are taught within a normal classroom situation where their self-confidence grows as they learn alongside each other and their teachers.
  • Skills | Pupils develop their musical skills in a creative way, participating in rhythm games and singing and learning to play instruments.
  • Shared success | Performances are planned into the programme, giving parents the opportunities to share in their children's success.
  • Training | Class teachers get 'in house' professional development which augments and supports music provision in school. 
  • Continued learning | There is the opportunity to continue instrumental tuition after the programme has ended.