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Annual Statement



Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of

Cotmanhay Junior School

September 2016



In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the three core strategic functions of Cotmanhay Junior School’s Governing Body are:


  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.



Governance Arrangements


The Governing Body of Cotmanhay Junior School was reconstituted in March 2013 and is now made up of the following eleven governors, who each have a four year term of office:


  • One Headteacher
  • One Staff
  • One Local Authority
  • Three Parents
  • Four Co-opted


There is currently one Associate Member.


Chair of Governors                 Mr Sean Platt

Vice-Chair of Governors        Mrs Dee Hill


The governing body has a programme of meetings throughout the school year, and a committee structure that focuses on specific areas of governance.



Governors’ Annual Statement of Impact 2015-16


There can be no doubt that 2015-16 was a very successful year for Cotmanhay Junior School. The exam results for year 6 pupils were extremely pleasing and attendance remained the same as the previous year.


The Governing Body evolved over the course of the year and, whilst the knowledge and experience of the previous Chair will be missed, we are excited with the appointments of several new members – all of whom bring a range of compatible skills and unprecedented enthusiasm. All governors have undergone safeguarding training and remain focussed upon ensuring our pupils are safe, happy learners.


In addition to the regular governing body meetings, through which governors challenged and supported the school’s leadership team, the governors were involved in monitoring activities and focussed school visits which increased their depth of knowledge and allowed challenge and support to be balanced and progressive.


Governors held the leadership team accountable for the content of the School Improvement Plan and, having helped agree its content, went on to monitor progress of its key objectives both directly and indirectly. Examples of indirect monitoring include hearing regular updates of pupil progress at the FGB meetings and holding the Head Teacher to account for meeting set targets, and an example of direct monitoring come from governor attendance at teachers’ pupil progress meetings. Direct, in-school monitoring is a strength of the current Governing Body. Individual governors attend 1:1 meetings with the Head Teacher to discuss the progress of an assigned area of responsibility. They undertake pre-planned individual monitoring visits to ensure objectives from the SIP are being met.  Another governor helped monitor maths achievement over time by working with a DCC school improvement advisor to monitor books and outcomes. As a result of this monitoring, the grouping of year 5 pupils was changed. A follow up visit indicated that this had instigated positive impact.


The governor responsible for Health and Safety had involvement in routine health and safety inspections, which directly resulted in improvement to site safety. Governors gathered opinions of parents at parents’ evenings and assemblies. These were fed back to the senior leadership team for action to be taken on the suggestions.


Governors oversaw the spending of pupil premium money, which led to disadvantaged pupils making good progress against national counterparts. The disadvantaged pupils made good progress against non-disadvantaged pupils in school also. In similar fashion the governors help plan and approve spending of the sports premium allowance, which led to a sharp increase in pupils participating in competitive and non-competitive sporting events. It led to the evolution of an intra-school program of events which allowed many more pupils to lead and compete.


2015-16 saw the continuation of the Community Curriculum. It is hoped that this scheme’s effectiveness will resonate through the community for a generation. The governing body helped develop a shared vision for how this project could impact the community and approved spending to ensure it was able to launch on time. The governing body heard from representatives of the University of the First Age (UFA) before deciding that this organisation was the right partner organisation in which to invest , using pupil premium funding, in order to ensure that 2016-17 is another positive and successful year for our pupils.



Strategic Planning for the Future


The targets for the next academic year 2016-17 can be summarised as:

  • Ensuring that all teaching and learning is consistently good and that at least 50% is outstanding
  • Ensuring that all the pupils in the school make very good progress in order that the government floor targets are at least met, if not exceeded
  • The school maintains a broad and balanced curriculum; one which excites and engages the pupils
  • The school forms links with other schools and undertakes effective cluster work



Contacting your Governing Body


Information about the school’s governing body is available on the governors’ page of the school’s website.  Governors at Cotmanhay Junior School can be contacted by the following methods:


Telephone      0115 930 2011

Letter               Cotmanhay Junior School, Beauvale Drive, Ilkeston, Derbyshire.  DE7 8RR

E-mail             info@cotmanhay-jun.derbyshire.sch.uk



Cotmanhay School Governing Body – Current Membership


Governor                                     Category                 Date Appointed         Term of Office                                                                                                                                                Expiry Date

Mr Simon Robinson                   Headteacher           01/09/2012                 Not applicable

Mrs Linda Atkins                        Staff                         11/12/2014                 10/12/2018

Mrs Dee Hill                               Local Authority       27/03/2014                 26/03/2018

Mrs Ruth Hallam                        Parent                      11/12/2014                 10/12/2018

Mrs Hazel Shaw                         Parent                      19/03/2014                 18/03/2018

Vacancy                                     Parent

Mr Richard Vallance-Spencer    Co-opted                 11/12/2014                 10/12/2018

Mr Sean Platt                             Co-opted                 03/10/2013                 02/10/2017

Mr Adam Cope                          Co-opted                 17/9/2015                   17/9/2019

Vacancy                                     Co-opted


Other Governors from the Previous 12 Months:


Previous Governors                    Category                  Date Appointed         Date Stepped Down



Appointing Bodies

Headteacher                              By virtue of their position

Staff                                            Elected by school staff

Parent                                         Elected by parents

Authority                                    Nominated by the local authority, appointed by the GB

Co-opted                                    Appointed by the governing body

Associate Member                     Appointed by the governing body



Committee Structure & Membership


Resource Management Committee              Teaching & Learning Committee

Mr Simon Robinson                                       Mr Simon Robinson

Mrs Dee Hill                                                   Mrs Linda Atkins

Mr Richard Vallance-Spencer                        Mrs Hazel Shaw

Mr Adam Cope                                              Mrs Ruth Hallam

                                                                      Mr Sean Platt



Governors with Specific Responsibilities


Governor                                                         Area of Responsibility

Mr Sean Platt                                                  Headteacher Performance Management

Mr Richard Vallance-Spencer                         Headteacher Performance Management

Mrs Hazel Shaw                                              Headteacher Performance Management

Mr Richard Vallance-Spencer                         Safeguarding

Mr Richard Vallance-Spencer                         Looked After Children



Cotmanhay Junior School Governors’ Attendance Record for 2015-16 (%)


A record is kept by the clerk to the governing body, of governors’ attendance at meetings, details of attendance can be found below.  Meetings need to be ‘quorate’ to ensure that decisions can be made.


Governor                                                   Full GB (6) Meetings         Committees

Mr Simon Robinson                                 100%                                  Data not available

Mrs Linda Atkins                                       67%                                    Data not available

Mrs Dee Hill                                              67%                                    Data not available

Mrs Ruth Hallam                                      33%                                    Data not available

Mrs Rebecca Eley-Kirk                              100%                                  Data not available

Miss Hazel Shaw                                      83%                                    Data not available

Mr Richard Vallance-Spencer                  67%                                    Data not available

Mr Sean Platt                                           100%                                  Data not available

Mrs Amanda Wyles (Associate)                50%                                    Data not available



Pecuniary & Personal Interests Declared for 2015-16


Governor                                                   Pecuniary                          Personal

Mr Simon Robinson                                 None                                 None

Mrs Linda Atkins                                       None                                 None

Mrs Dee Hill                                              None                                 None

Mrs Ruth Hallam                                       None                                 None

Mrs Hazel Shaw                                        None                                 None

Mr Richard Vallance-Spencer                  None                                 None

Mr Sean Platt                                            None                                 None

Mrs Amanda Wyles                                   Not available                    Not available

Mr Adam Cope



Governors who are also a Governor or Trustee of Any Other School/Academy


Governor                                  Name of School/Academy                           Position Held

None                                        Not applicable                                              Not applicable