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Year 5 trip to Woodside Farm

Wonderful Woodside!


Our class adventure to Woodside Farm! We saw a plethora of interesting objects such as: a mysterious, majestic mole, a huge metal cow, a massive ant and a super, scary spider!

On our way to Woodside Farm, we saw an ancient archway with a squirrel, robin, hedgehog and an owl.  When we arrived at the farm, we saw many wooden statues in a big barn. Then we started to pond dip (this is where you put a net in a pond and try to catch something.) Sometimes you catch big creatures like newts and maybe even a frog!


After pond dipping, we washed our hands (with a hose.) Then we ate our lunch. After lunch, we went to the Watch Tower and took pictures of the picturesque scenery. When we came down from the tower, Mrs Coull gave us some paper and we were asked to find flowers that were the colours of the rainbow. This was fun! 

Our Wonderful Woodside Farm visit


Firstly, we arrived at school. Mr Banks took the register and then soon after we walked out of school, up to the animal arch way and carried on walking to Woodside Farm.

When we got there, we met George and Kirsty who took us to the beautiful pond and told us to have a look to see if we could see anything. We saw a lot of things! After that, we put our bags down and got our net. We started to try and catch a lot of things that some of us have never seen before such as tad poles!     


After we did the pond dipping, we had our hands washed with a hose pipe and then we had our lunch on the benches. We went and completed the other activity which included a long walk to a big spider sculpture and we then kept on going up to the lookout tower. We then did colour flower picking which was really fun and finally we went to see a huge metal cow!