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Year 3 Term 4 The Dragon Song

All the learning in this unit is focused around one song: The Dragon Song.


1. Listen and appraise The Dragon Song and other traditional tunes/Folk melodies from around the world that Lesley might have listened to during her travels. 


● The Dragon Song by Joanna Mangona and Pete Readman

● Birdsong - Chinese Folk Music

● Vaishnava Java - A Hindu Song

● A Turkish Traditional Tune

● Aitutaki Drum Dance from Polynesia

● Zebaidir Song from Sudan


2. Musical Activities 


a. Warm-up games (including vocal warm-ups)

b. Flexible games (optional extension work)

c. Learn to sing the song - step-by-step manageable learning chunks spread over the 6 steps including the 2nd vocal part. 

d. Option: Play instruments with the song (in the chorus only) 

e. Option: Improvise with the song (in the chorus only) 

f. Option: Compose with the song (in the chorus only)


3. Perform the song - perform and share


Social themes and topics that arise from this song for discussion and/or further investigation:


● We are all different and that is brilliant, let’s celebrate that

● Kindness

● Respect - be respectful of one another, wherever you are from, wherever you live, whomever you love

● Friendship

● Peace

● Listen to one another

● Happiness

● Welcome new people and new ideas

● Acceptance - accept everybody

● The environment

● Music from around the world

● People from around the world

● New ideas and cultures to learn about and get to know