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Year 3 Fitness and Netball


National curriculum content

  • Play competitive games, modified where appropriate and apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending.
  • Compare their performance with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.


Lesson objectives

  1. To pass/send a ball with increasing accuracy.
  2. To move with the ball keeping it under control.
  3. To pass the ball in different ways.
  4. To find and use space well to keep possession.
  5. To apply basic attacking and defending principles.
  6. Play in small sided games, employing simple tactics.


What we want children to know

  • The ability to control and stop the ball will greatly affect the success of the game.
  • How to move and interact with the ball.
  • The skill of passing: receiving the ball (catching) and sending the ball (throwing).
  • How to get into position to catch the ball.
  • How to watch the ball and have hands ready.
  • Passing is the skill of sending the ball to a target, usually a teammate.
  • The ‘chest pass’ is one the most commonly used passes in netball.
  • How to work together and co-operate with each other, when playing a game of netball.


What skills we want children to develop

  • Move to support teammates, getting into good positions to pass, receive and shoot the ball.
  • Pass the ball using different techniques.
  • Shoot and score with increasing accuracy.
  • Use a range of tactics, including finding and using space, to keep possession of the ball, to shoot/score and to make it difficult for opponents.
  • Develop the understanding of the importance of speed when playing invasion games.
  • Pass and receive the ball with control.
  • Select passes that keep possession.



Ball, control, speed, direction, passing, pass, chest pass, bounce pass, technique, aim, accuracy, teamwork, shoot, score, accuracy, power, rules