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Y6 Term 5 Future of our planet

National curriculum content

Learn geographical skills and fieldwork: use maps and symbols to build their knowledge of the United Kingdom. Use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present features in the local area using a range of methods, including sketch maps, plans and graphs, and digital technologies. Describe and understand key aspects of:

  • physical geography, including: climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes, and the water cycle
  • human geography, including: types of settlement and land use, economic activity, and the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water


Lesson objectives

  1. To plan and carry out fieldwork to answer a given enquiry question
  2. To understand how and why housing needs to change over time
  3. To understand the importance of local work opportunities to the community
  4. To understand that communities need a range of accessible amenities and public services
  5. To understand how the geography of communities affects community spirit
  6. To plan for a sustainable future for our area


What we want children to know

  • Why their local area is special
  • The range of housing available in the local area
  • The different types of industry and employment currently available in the local area
  • How the types of industry and employment in the area have changed over time
  • That community needs may change in future, and that this will affect local industry and employment opportunities
  • What amenities and public services are available locally and be able to use a map to locate these and public services
  • That the location of amenities and public services in communities is important
  • What community spirit is, and why it is important
  • Some activities or facilities that support the development of community spirit
  •  The design of communities can help or hinder relations
  • That they can feel optimistic about the future of their area
  • Understand how developments can be sustainable


What skills we want children to develop

  • How to plan and carry out fieldwork, using appropriate techniques
  • How to take the needs and views of others into account
  • Generate ideas and designs that will meet the needs of the community
  • How to make designs sustainable
  • Choosing appropriate formats to present their geographical learning
  • Map reading/interpreting
  • Fieldwork            



Brownfield, community, greenfield, industry, primary sector, quaternary sector, recycled, secondary sector, sustainable, tertiary (service) sector