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Y6 Term 2 Amazon Rainforest

National curriculum content


Extend their knowledge and understanding beyond their local area to include South America. Develop their use of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills to enhance their locational and place knowledge. Locate the world's countries using maps, and concentrate on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries and major cities. Understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of a region in South America. Describe and understand key aspects of physical and human geography. Use maps, atlases, globes and digital computing/mapping to locate countries and describe features studied.


Lesson objectives


  1. To understand what the Amazon is and where it is located.
  2. To understand the Amazon’s climate, and how the native animals are adapted to it.
  3. To research and write a report about the Amazonian city of Manaus.
  4. To understand what life is like in the Amazon and how it is changing.
  5. To understand how the Amazon is being damaged and how it can be protected.
  6. To make an animation showing the value of the Amazon, and how it can be protected.


What we want children to know


  • Why the Amazon rainforest is important, and how they can play a role in preserving the environment
  • ‘The Amazon’ may refer to a river, a river basin or a rainforest region
  • The location of the Amazon basin, and Amazon River on a map of South America
  • At least one animal that lives in the Amazon, and be able to describe how it has adapted to its habitat
  • The eight countries that the Amazon region spans, and identify them on an atlas/map/globe
  • The value of the Amazon rainforest and some ways in which it can be protected
  • The key human and physical features of Manaus
  • Some similarities and differences between their local area and Manaus
  • What the climate is like in Amazonas, and how it is different to the UK
  • To be able to explain ‘shifting cultivation’
  • That there are differing communities, both urban and rural in the Amazon basin
  • Some of the reasons why deforestation is occurring in the Amazon


What skills we want children to develop


  • Use an atlas, map or globe to locate continents/countries/specific areas within them
  • Choose and use appropriate sources for geographical research
  • Correctly use the key vocabulary
  • Evaluate and refine the effectiveness of their research methods



Continent, country, region, human features, location vocabulary (longitude, latitude, Tropic of Capricorn, north, south, east, west), primary source, secondary source, rainforest, river