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Y5 Term 3 Monochrome drawings

Lesson Objectives

1. Identify how artists use monochrome (one colour) in their work.

2. Practice creating different shades and tones using paint and pencils.

3. Sketch images.

4. Use shades and tones of one colour.


What we want children to know

  • Monochrome means one colour.
  • In art, a monochrome painting is one that includes just one colour.
  • White is added to the base colour to create tints and black is added to create shades.


What skills we want children to develop

  • Produce increasingly detailed preparatory sketches for painting and other work.
  • Use a variety of techniques to interpret texture of a surface e.g. mark making with different grades of sketching pencil.
  • Mix colours effectively using the correct language for example tint, shade, hue, tone.
  • Use a variety of brushes to create different marks and textures.



Monochrome, sketching, line, shade, tone, brush, black, white