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Y5 Term 1 The United Kingdom

National curriculum content

Name and locate counties, cities and regions of the United Kingdom, and how they have changed over time. Understand geographical similarities and differences of a region of the United Kingdom. Use the eight points of a compass, grid references, symbols and key to build your knowledge of the United Kingdom. Use fieldwork to observe in the local area using a range of methods. 


Lesson objectives

  1. Where is the United Kingdom?
  2. How did the 2012 Olympics change London?
  3. What is in our local area?
  4. Mapping out our local area.
  5. How will our local area change in the future?


What we want children to know


  • Name and locate some key topographical features of the UK and Derbyshire.
  • Understand that local people will have differing opinions about change in their region, and explain sustainable development.
  • Explain how the local area has changed, and how it might change in the future.


What skills we want children to develop


  • Use Digimaps to create and track map work
  • Research into past industry in our local area
  • Geographical skills about the United Kingdom



City, Continent, Country, County, GDP, Great Britain, Human Feature, Industry, Mountain, North, South, East, West, Physical Feature, Region, River, Settlement, The British Isles, The United Kingdom, Town and Village