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Y5 Darts

As the PDC hit Nottingham for the Premier League darts, Room 180 Academy held two special events to introduce primary-aged children to the sport of darts. Cotmanhay Junior School experienced the Bullseye Maths programme on Wednesday 16th March 2022.  This exclusive roadshow of the PDC, saw children introduced to darts, providing an innovative way of enhancing their numeracy skills while playing the sport.  Room 180 staff led a variety of darting games that featured mental numeracy skills, mathematical challenges and encouraged children to learn leadership and positive psychology skills.

Teacher David Banks commented that, “It was a great day! Gary and his team have been to the school four times now, and this was by far the best experience. The atmosphere created was excellent, and everyone had a brilliant time. The children enjoyed the darting games and you could see their numeracy skills being challenged. The children cannot wait for their next Room 180 experience.”

PDC superstar, Devon Peterson, was on hand to teach the children, and helped create a fantastic atmosphere where the children had great fun and achieved their targets in the session.  Gary Horsley, from Room 180 Academy, commented, “What a great session; every child was fully engaged, and it was lovely to see their confidence grow. Devon was brilliant with the children, and it created the right atmosphere within the school. The school choir singing beautifully, the energetic walk-on dance and the challenges were delightful. It was clear to see that the children had such a brilliant time.”

Day 2 in Nottingham saw the very first visit to the PDC big stage at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham. Cotmanhay Junior and Hempshill Hall Primary competed in the very first Nottingham Room 180 Academy darts tournament on Thursday 17th March 2022.

Teacher David Banks commented, “This was our second day with the Room 180 Academy, and once again it was first class. The children loved the darts, and being on the big stage was a real treat! Some of our children have not visited a large venue before, and it will help inspire them. The session was really well run, totally safe and fun!”

The event was won by Cotmanhay Junior school, and the children lifted the trophy on the big stage!