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Y4 Term 6 We are HTML editors

National curriculum content

Understand computer networks including the internet; how they can provide multiple services, such as the World Wide Web; and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration. Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; know a range of ways to report concerns and unacceptable behaviour. Use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) to accomplish given goals, including presenting information.


Lesson objectives

  1. Learning about the web
  2. Editing HTML in web pages
  3. First steps with HTML
  4. HTML project
  5. Making a new web page
  6. Developing and refining


What we want children to know

  • To understand some technical aspects of how the internet makes the web possible
  • To code up a simple web page with useful content
  • To understand some of the risks in using the web


What skills we want children to develop

  • To use HTML tags for elementary mark up
  • To use hyperlinks to connect ideas and sources



Code, HTML, HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), Hyperlink, Tag, URL, Web page