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Cotmanhay Junior School

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Y3 Term 5 Victorian children

National curriculum content

Be inspired to know more about the past, ask perceptive questions, think critically and weigh evidence. Study an aspect or theme in Britain history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066.


Lesson objectives

  1. Examine a child’s life today
  2. Understand the role of working children in the Victorian times
  3. Explore the games and toys played by Victorian children
  4. Compare Victorian and 21st century schooling
    What we want children to know
  • The features of being a child in several different historical periods
  • A range of changes happening to children in several historical periods
  • How children’s lives change through different historical periods
  • The challenges faced by children in the Victorian times
    What skills we want children to develop
  • Make links and connections, comparisons and contrasts, analyse trends and patterns
  • Devise conclusions and judgements, and substantiate them with telling evidence
  • Devise historically valid questions about what childhood was like at different times
    Age of majority, adolescence, childhood, different types of schools (charity, grammar, dame, public, board, church), extended family, infant mortality rate, legislation, period labels, philanthropist