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Y3 Term 3 Romans

National curriculum content

Gain coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past, and that of the wider world, by knowing about the Roman Empire, and its impact on Britain.


Lesson objectives

  1. Understand why the Romans invaded Britain
  2. Describe why there was opposition to the Romans
  3. Assess the quality of life for people in Britain
  4. Understand the legacy the Romans left behind
    What we want children to know
  • Understand and recall information relevant to Roman Britain
  • The difference between Roman objects and images, and other periods of time
  • A number of Roman achievements
  • The story of Boudicca and how the Roman’s invaded Britain
    What skills we want children to develop
  • Pose questions and investigate answers
  • Compare and contrast different themes
  • An understanding of the Romanisation of Britain
    Cavalry, Celts, Boudicca, centurion, forum, gladiator, infantry, insula, legacy, legion, Roman villa, stadium