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Suspense Tale

Y5 Suspense Tale – Frankie’s Fear


National curriculum content

  • Identify the audience for and purpose of the writing, select the appropriate form and use other similar writing as models for their own.
  • Note and develop initial ideas, drawing on reading and research where necessary.
  • In writing narratives, consider how authors have developed characters and settings in what pupils have read, listened to or seen performed.
  • Select appropriate grammar and vocabulary, understand how such choices can change and enhance meaning.
  • Describe settings, characters and atmosphere and integrate dialogue to convey character and advance the action.
  • Use a wide range of devices to build cohesion within and across paragraphs.
  • Assess the effectiveness of their own and others’ writing.
  • Propose changes to vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to enhance effects and clarify meaning.
  • Ensure the consistent and correct use of tense throughout a piece of writing.
  • Ensure correct subject and verb agreement when using singular and plural, distinguishing between the languages of speech and writing and choosing the appropriate register.
  • Proofread for spelling and punctuation errors.


Lesson objectives

  • To read and internalise the model text.
  • To create a text map of the model text.
  • To use reading comprehension strategies to understand the text.
  • To understand the organisation of a suspense tale.
  • To understand key vocabulary and definitions.
  • To recognise key text features.
  • To use new grammatical features in a short burst write.
  • To contribute to a shared write.
  • To innovate the model text with my ideas.
  • To write independently using the skills taught.
  • To use commas to clarify meaning.
  • To use a wider range of cohesive devices.


What we want children to know and the skills necessary to achieve this:

  • To write for a range of purposes and audiences.
  • To describe characters, settings and atmosphere.
  • To check for cohesion within and between paragraphs.
  • To slow down the action.
  • To use ellipsis to create tension.
  • To understand and use personification.
  • To use complex sentences.
  • To use metaphors.
  • To proofread and check for errors and edit/assess the effectiveness of their own writing.


Grammar and Punctuation Vocabulary

Complex sentences, adverbial phrases, personification, metaphor, ellipsis, main clauses, subordinate clauses, conjunctions


Topic Vocabulary

Orbit, planet, solar system, comet, asteroid, astronaut, crater, capsule, Earthbound, intergalactic, launch, hazard, voyage, satellite, standby