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Cotmanhay Junior School

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School Council

Our Promise

As your School Council, we promise to:


  • Listen to your ideas, concerns and worries.
  • Always wear our badges so you can find us if you ever need us.
  • Attend our weekly meetings to ensure we are always working on the projects you want. 
  • Work with Mr Robinson and the governors to make sure your ideas are heard and actioned.

Our current projects

At the moment, we have identified five key projects that you want to see in our school.


  • School visitors

After our election, a lot of children spoke to us about wanting more exciting visitors in school. To do this, we have written letters to a variety of companies and charities asking them if they would be able to visit us.


So far, we have arranged a visit from the Dogs Trust for lower school and we are continuing to pursue other opportunities for visitors.


  • Improving our school environment

We are very passionate about improving how our school looks, especially around the playgrounds. We have written to a number of local garden centres, asking for donations of seeds and bulbs to plant around the playground and school entrance.


We are also going to hold a competition to design some plaques which will be displayed around the playground to promote our new playground rules.


  • Chill out zone

We are hoping to create a chill out zone on the playground. This will involve a lot of fundraising but we feel that it will be very beneficial for everyone within the school.


Our idea is that any child can choose to use the chill out zone and it will be an area away from the main playground to chill and relax. We are hoping to have a shelter to cover the area, waterproof beanbags and outside board games.


  • Bike rack

We are currently applying for grants which will enable us to build a bike and scooter rack at school, which will help to make us a healthier, more environmentally-friendly school.


  • Behaviour policy

We believe that it is important that the children have a say in how the behaviour policy at school works. We are planning to meet with Mr Robinson and his leadership team to discuss our ideas for a new behaviour policy.



Our election

To be a member of our School Council we had to be elected by our year group. This process started by us creating an election speech, which can be seen through the link below.


Once we had campaigned and our video had been shown to the school, everyone in the school voted for who they wanted to represent them on the School Council.

Introducing our School Council

Still image for this video
The vote went smoothly and our School Council was announced. We all received our School Council badges and wear them with pride everyday.