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Welcome to Nurture Group!

Nurture Group is run by a wonderful team, Mrs Stevenson - Learning Mentor and Miss Dodd - Teaching Assistant, and is supported by 'Nurture Group Network'.



The Nurture Group began in September 2011 to help children overcome barriers to learning in an inclusive, supportive manner.


We aim to provide:


  • a safe and nurturing learning environment where each child is valued, understood and has their emotional needs met appropriately.
  • children with the chance to work with adults and their peers in group activities, building their trust and confidence enabling learning to take place.




The afternoon activities follow the same visual timetable at each session.  This provides stability, continuity and a structured routine.  This helps children gain the skills they need to learn in larger classes




This includes a snack and drink.  A teatime helper is chosen to 'set the table' and serve food to the rest of the group.


This is a valuable time to talk and interact with peers and staff in a relaxed, informal setting.  This will help develop their social and domestic skills which is rounded off by the washing/tidying up of the teatime pots.


Afternoon Routine


The rest of the afternoon activities are followed by the children using the visual timetable.  This encourages the children to work independently with little or no adult intervention, helping them to manage their classroom routine, increase their self esteem and promote positive behaviour.


The timetable is as follows:


  • Mat and chat
  • Circle time (to share news or discuss problems)
  • Work and make
  • First task (independent work)
  • Second task (partner or group work)
  • Drink and snack
  • Story time
  • Reward charts




OFSTED supported this group stating "Pupils thrive in this group by successfully developing social skills and strategies that enable them to better manage their behaviour and to be more successful learners".

Nurture Group Displays

Nurture Garden