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Cotmanhay Junior School

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Community Curriculum

We give our students the vital background knowledge and skills required to be informed and thoughtful members of our community who understand and believe in British Values. We are committed to the development of positive community links and we are proud of the work pupils undertake within the community.  


The Community Curriculum is an exciting opportunity for pupils to use and expand learning outside of school. We focus on the following 14 areas:


  • Resilience
  • Homework
  • Reading
  • Attendance
  • British Values
  • Enterprise
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Culture
  • The Arts
  • Sport
  • Science
  • Digital Media
  • Environment
  • Healthy Living


We also include several 'Own Choice' sections to allow pupils to personalise their own Community Curriculum and complete activities which they enjoy.



The Community Curriculum is given a healthy time slot each week - usually on a Friday afternoon. This is an opportunity for pupils to reflect on their work in the school, their homework, attendance, enterprise and community work. Our pupils have the ability to inspire their community and make it an incredible place to live and work!



Pupils receive stickers to reward their efforts and work throughout the year to achieve a bronze, silver or gold badge.



Have a look at our Community Curriculum booklets below...