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Sonnet Writing - 29th January 2016


This week we have been learning about Sonnets and we have written some of our own! The theme was 'Winter to Spring' and here are some of our favourites:


Do you see the delicate fairies dance
while mountains gaze upon twinkling, white stars?
They travel along the angel’s gold hair
(the clouds rolling along the misty air)
they pass the black sheep now covered in snow,
flickering glass wings in the mountain glow.


They make the gentle earth’s heart beat again,
adding light lemonade colours of pink
creating a sweet sugary smell of
baking, adding buttercups and flowers
blooming above sky-scraper trees that tower.


Glass crystals, more delicate than gems, thaw,
making waves beat upon drums of hard stone,
as blooming roses sit on their thorny throne
and the wintery breeze is gently blown.


Joy Lynch


The clouds make their last move over the sky
then a beam of sunlight shines through the trees
as the snowflakes break in to slow motion.
The moonlight reflects off the shining pond
as all the crystals continue to fall
and the mist slowly drifts across the lake.


But spring appears and flowers start to grow
then all the pure, white snow fades away slow.
In the majestic forest, flowers bloom
while the sunlight reflects off the water
and breath-taking scenery shimmers bright
as the flowers continue to blossom.


You can finally see that spring is here
when you notice that the sky is clear.

Debbie Bentley


The tidal wave of clouds broke and allowed
their secret to be seen. The burning sun
burst through their white armour like an asteroid
on a path to destroy the vicious earth.


Glimmering water whistled as it fell
and crashed as it hit the hard ice below.

But white flowers in bloom rose in harmony,
the majestic blossom swayed as it grew,
and little snow globes sat waiting for  their
hidden treasures to be found once again.


Flowers rose, grass grew; hibernation’s end.
The sun brought peace again to the old earth
and ended winter’s long, cruel reign of land
bringing happiness back to the new world.

Zeus Cooper-Plackett

Jason and the Argonauts by 6AW

Year 6 have been studying Ancient Greece and looking in detail at some of the famous Greek Myths! 6AW decided to make our own, stop-motion video of the story of Jason and the Argonauts and we are lucky enough to be taking the video, along with others which the children have made, to the QUAD cinema in Derby to be shown on the big screen!