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Professor Brian Cox answers Year 6 question about rainbows in space.

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Professor Brian Cox answered one of our Year 6 questions, "Do other planets have rainbows?" in front of 2,000 people at Nottingham Theatre Royal.

Mentos Experiement

Today at Cotmanhay, we decided to do an experiment on the effect of Mentos on Diet Coke. We wanted to find out if dropping more Mentos in to a bottle of Diet Coke would create a higher 'fountain' of water to erupt. The results surprised us!

Chicken Time Lapse

Year 4 have been lucky enough to have some chicks in school to hatch and look after in class! We created a time lapse so that the children could watch the chicks being born and witness the first moments of their incredible lives.

World Book Day: Friction with Cotmanhay Junior School

For World Book Day, Cotmanhay Junior School (with the assistance of Mrs Fox, Matilda and Miss Trunchbull) helped the Enormous Crocodile find out which surface his skateboard could travel furthest on. We tested a wooden floor, gym mats, and carpets to see which had the most friction.

Air Resistance with Cotmanhay Junior School

Cotmanhay Junior School Answers... Episode 1 Cotmanhay Junior School answers the question: 'Will I go slower on my bicycle if I am holding an umbrella?' A short video to show an example of air resistance and its effect on the speed of a moving object.