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Cotmanhay Junior School works closely with the UFA (University of the First Age) to support pupil leadership in school.


Our aims are to:


  • Develop successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • Create confident individuals who are able to lead safe and healthy lives
  • Establish responsible leaders who make a positive contribution to society


Autumn term 2016

We currently have a group of Year 6 children taking on the role of peer tutors and a group of Year 4 children as their tutees. Each Thursday lunchtime, along with Mrs Bowler, the children take part in peer tutoring where they focus on reading and spelling.

Thursday peer tutoring group

Thursday peer tutoring group 1
Thursday peer tutoring group 2
Thursday peer tutoring group 3
Thursday peer tutoring group 4
Thursday peer tutoring group 5
As well as focusing on reading and spelling the children increase their self-confidence, self-esteem and independence. Pupils learn that it is ok to make mistakes and they show awareness of how others (and themselves) learn best. They also develop their teamwork and communication skills weekly.

Spring term 2017

We have begun a new cycle of Peer Tutoring for some Year 5 and Year 3 children.


Congratulations to the ten Year 5 children who applied for the tutor position and successfully completed the two day tutor training program.


Peer Tutoring times: Monday 12-12.30pm Miss Hopson (Maths)

                                 Thursday 12-12.30pm Mrs Bowler (English reading and spelling)


The program will last for 10 weeks across the Spring Term.


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