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Governor List

Cotmanhay School Governing Body – Current Membership


Governor                                     Category                 Date Appointed         Term of Office                                                                                                                           Expiry Date

Mr Simon Robinson                   Headteacher           01/09/2012                 Not applicable

Mrs Linda Atkins                        Staff                         11/12/2014                 10/12/2018

Mrs Dee Hill                               Local Authority       27/03/2014                 26/03/2018

Mrs Ruth Hallam                        Parent                      11/12/2014                 10/12/2018

Mrs Rebecca Eley-Kirk               Parent                      14/06/2013                 13/06/2017

Mrs Hazel Shaw                         Parent                      19/03/2014                 18/03/2018

Vacancy                                      Parent

Mr Richard Vallance-Spencer   Co-opted                 11/12/2014                 10/12/2018

Mr Sean Platt                             Co-opted                 03/10/2013                 02/10/2017

Vacancy                                      Co-opted                

Vacancy                                      Co-opted


Other Governors from the Previous 12 Months:


Previous Governors                    Category                  Date Appointed         Date Stepped Down

Ms Lisa Remzi                            Staff                         20/11/2013                 02/10/2014

Mr Stuart Harrison                     Parent                      19/03/2014                 13/05/2015

Mr Colin Meakin                        Co-opted                 17/06/2013                 29/06/2015


Appointing Bodies

Headteacher                              By virtue of their position

Staff                                            Elected by school staff

Parent                                         Elected by parents

Authority                                    Nominated by the local authority, appointed by the GB

Co-opted                                    Appointed by the governing body

Associate Member                     Appointed by the governing body