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This page will be used to celebrate the gold activities undertaken by the children in the school. We want to celebrate their achievements and the fantastic impact they are having on our children and the community!
Gold activities 2018
Millie Wilkinson and Eve Smith have written a letter to Erewash Borough Council regarding dog mess on the pavements near the local swimming baths. They received the reply letter below, and will be placing 'Yuck!' posters around the area to help educate the public.
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Rihanna Smedley, in 5LC, went with her Grandad to the Embankment in Cotmanhay to take photos of the litter and rubbish bins. They also went to the recycling centre to donate clothes and shoes.


Faith Allan, in 4RW, has picked up litter on the way to school. She has also written a letter to the council asking for more dog bins so that members of the public can dispose of their dog waste.


Izaak Spencer, Daniel Severn and Samuel Eley-Kirk (from 6AK) went to Tesco to help pack bags for the public. They have raised money for cubs.


Daniel Severn and Samuel Eley-Kirk (from 6AK) visited a local Care Home to help with the gardening, serve the dinners and the boys played board games with the residents.


Imogen Trim, in 5SG, has helped homeless people in Nottingham City Centre by giving them food. Along with her family, she spent time in the City handing out food items and chatting with members of the public.

Gold activities Summer 2017

Congratulations to Harley Crate in 6MW who has achieved a gold sticker for participating at a football tournament at Nottingham Forest football ground. Harley played on the Forest pitch, showed excellent teamwork and was supported by many parents in the local community. Well done!

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Gold activities Spring 2017  

Well done to Sam Eley-Kirk, in Year 5, who visited a residential home and delivered homemade cakes.


Well done to Megan and Ella Bullen, in Year 5 and 3, who went to Arena church to help pack food bags for the food bank. Megan also ran a ‘bits and bobs’ stall in St Mary’s church in Wirksworth, and raised £40.50! The money will go towards the day to day running of the church.


Well done to Lily-Ella Dunmore, in Year 5, who made Easter sock bunnies to sell to friends and family. Lily then donated the £40 raised to school council who are currently raising money for outdoor playtime equipment and furniture for the quiet zone outside.

Gold activity: Nikki Adkin-Haywood and friends

Gold activity: Nikki Adkin-Haywood and friends 1
After seeing the hard work of the year 6 group, Nikki Adkin-Haywood and her year 5 friends came together to organise another bake sale to take place on Children in Need day. They produced an enormous quantity of cakes and managed to raise nearly £40 in a single play time! Well done!

Gold Activity: Hannah Ryn, Joy Lynch, Taya Stayner and Caitlin Bell

Gold Activity: Hannah Ryn, Joy Lynch, Taya Stayner and Caitlin Bell 1
On Friday 16th October 2015, Hannah, Taya, Joy and Caitlin held a bake sale to raise money for Children in Need. They had planned the event entirely by themselves and they had spent the week before baking the cakes themselves ready to sell! Thank you girls; you are all inspirational!

Community Curriculum Gold Activity - Morgan Dearing

One day, Morgan Dearing saw an old, broken bench in our playground and she saw an opportunity. She decided to take it upon herself to turn the old bench in to something beautiful.