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Chapter 1 Time Stop

The first of ten gripping chapters - watch and enjoy...!!

Time Stop chapter 2

The second instalment: The First Time...

Time Stop Chapter 3

The best chapter yet!! Nicky gets into all sorts of trouble as his behaviour spirals out of control...

Time stop chapter 4

We want you to read for 10 minutes every day! In this chapter, Nicky's behaviour spirals out of control - and Neil Armstrong gets it!!! Houston, we have a problem...

Time Stop Chapter 5

In chapter 5 Nicky goes back to the Jurassic Age...!!

Time Stop Chapter 6

In hospital after the accident Nicky dreams that he is a super hero fighting evil super group Ice Nine. Can he help defeat Bad Dog and Trump? Only time will tell....

Time Stop Chapter 7

Nicky becomes a real life super hero and takes to the streets. He fights off a gang of 'hoodies' and meets the mysterious Emily-Rose. And... zombies! (maybe...)

Time Stop Chapter 8

This is it! The countdown from ten to disaster!

Time Stop Chapter 9

The end game begins. Who will survive??

Time Stop Chapter 10

The big questions answered: Does Willow survive and can Nicky time travel to save his dad?

A Cotmanhay Christmas Carol

Watch Cotmanhay Film Club's first major production: A Cotmanhay Christmas Carol! It's a reworking of Charles Dickens' famous Christmas Carol tale...but with a twist! In our version, Mr Robinson has gotten so angry that he has cancelled the Christmas holidays! Will a visit from 3 ghosts change his mind?

Jason and the Argonauts by 6AW

Year 6 have been studying Ancient Greece and looking in detail at some of the famous Greek Myths! 6AW decided to make our own, stop-motion video of the story of Jason and the Argonauts and we are lucky enough to be taking the video, along with others which the children have made, to the QUAD cinema in Derby to be shown on the big screen!

World Book Day message from Tom Palmer!

Cotmanhay Junior School have received an exciting message from the author, Tom Palmer, who will be visiting our school in April!